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British Passport Renewal

If your British passport has expired or will expire soon, you must renew it to be able to travel outside the UK. You can renew your passport online or via post.

For assistance with renewing your British passport or other immigration matters, you can speak to one of our immigration solicitors. Contact us today at 0161 826 9783 or via the online enquiry form for expert assistance.

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    Renewing or Replacing Your Adult British Passport

    You must renew your UK passport before you can travel if:

    • Your passport has expired
    • You have limited time before it expires

    The validity period required depends on the entry requirements of your destination. Different rules apply across different countries.

    If you’re travelling to an EEA or EU country, your passport must have been issued less than ten years before your entry application and must remain valid for at least three months after your expected return date to the UK.

    If your passport cover says “European Union” or is burgundy, you can continue travelling with it for as long as it remains valid.

    It’s advisable to renew your passport once its validity is less than six months. You should not make travel arrangements until you obtain your new passport, as the passport number will differ from the old one.

    If you have an unexpired visa, your previous passport will be returned to you along with the new one, and you can still use your visa, provided you travel with the two passports.

    You can apply for a replacement if your passport gets lost, stolen, or damaged. However, if you’re changing critical identity metrics such as your name or gender or if your appearance has changed (say, you had plastic surgery), you can’t apply for a replacement or renewal. You must apply for a new one, and any unexpired visa may become invalid.

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    How to Renew a British Passport


    You can renew your passport via any of the routes below:

    • Online via the GOV.UK website
    • Completing a paper application at the post office
    • In-person application for urgent applications

    Renew British Passport Online

    The online application service is the easiest way to apply for your passport renewal, and it’s £11.50 cheaper than the paper application.

    Simply complete the online application form, upload your digital photo, and pay the renewal fee using your debit or credit card. You can take the digital photo using your smartphone or at a photo booth. Just ensure it complies with the HM Passport Office’s guidelines.

    After submitting your application, you must send your current passport to the HM Passport Office via post.

    Renew Using a Paper Application 

    You can get a paper application form for UK passport renewal from your local post office or by calling the Passport Advice line on 0300 222 0000.

    Simply fill out and sign the form, attach two recent printed photos of yourself, enclose a cheque (payable to HM Passport Office) covering your application fee, and send it to the HM Passport Office by post. You can also pay using a credit or debit card by filling out the form in the application package.

    If you don’t feel confident making the application yourself, you can use your local post office’s Check and Send service. They’ll help you complete the form, check for accuracy, take and print your photo, and send it along with your old passport to the HM Passport Office via special delivery. This service costs an additional £16.

    Renewing your passport in person

    If you need your passport urgently, you can book an in-person appointment at any of the passport offices in the UK (London, Belfast, Glasgow, Newport, Durham, Peterborough and Liverpool). You can also send someone on your behalf, provided they have a signed letter from you and all the required documents.

    You still have to start the application online and wait till you get an appointment (the earliest you can get an appointment is two days after your online application). You will be handed your new passport immediately after your appointment.

    Note that you can only use this for an adult passport renewal. You can’t use this route to renew a child’s passport or for a fresh application. The cost is also much more than the online or paper application. The standard 34-page passport cost £207.50 and £219.50 for a 54-page passport renewal.

    Required Supporting Documents for Passport Renewal

    To renew your UK passport, you must provide

    • Your old passport
    • Any other valid passport you have (for persons with multiple nationalities).

    Renewing A Child's Passport

    To renew a child’s passport, you must provide any court documents relating to the child showing parental responsibility or residency arrangements in addition to their old passport and other valid passports.

    If your child is less than 12 years old, someone must confirm their identity after you submit the online application. You should inform them beforehand to get their consent. The HM Passport Office will email them the details on how to confirm your child’s identity online.

    If you made a paper renewal application for a child under 12 years old, someone must countersign the application form and one photo before you send the application.

    Replacing a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Passport

    You can apply to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport. However, you must first cancel it before applying for a replacement. You can cancel a lost or stolen passport online using the GOV.UK website.

    The Home Passport Office considers your passport damaged if:

    • Your details are unreadable
    • Any of the pages are missing or ripped
    • There are cuts or holes on the passport cover
    • There are stains on your passport cover, such as ink or water damage
    • The cover is coming off

    You can apply to replace a passport online via the GOV.UK website or by getting a paper application form from your local post office. The application procedure and requirements are similar to those for passport renewal.

    However, you’ll need someone to confirm your identity if you make a digital application. If you filled out a paper form, someone must countersign the form and one of your printed photos. The person countersigning your form or confirming your identity must:

    • Be 18 or older
    • Live in the UK and have a current British passport
    • Have known you for at least two years
    • Not be a family member, be in a relationship with you, or share the same address with you.

    You may also be required to attend a video interview. If you need one, the HM Passport Office will contact you after processing your application.

    Applying for replacement costs £88.5 online and £100 for paper applications.

    Our immigration team is here to help you obtain a British passport renewal. Contact us

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      Tracking Your Passport Renewal Application

      You can track the progress of your passport renewal application on the Home Office’s website using your application reference number. Your reference number should start with PEX if you made the application yourself or POD if you used the Digital Check and Send service at a post office.

      If you filled out a paper form, you can call the Passport Advice line to track your application. Select option 1 when you call and enter either

      • The 10-digit barcode on your paper application form if you filled out and posted the application yourself or
      • The 9-digit receipt number if you applied at the post office.

      British Passport Renewal Cost

      UK passport renewal costs £88.50 for online applications and £100 for paper applications. Using the Check and Send service at the post office will cost an additional £16.

      The fee for renewing a standard 34-page passport online is currently £88.50 for an adult and £57.50 for a child. These costs rise to £100.50 and £69.50 respectively for 54-page frequent traveller passports.

      If you are applying from outside the UK, you’ll need to use a separate application form to renew your passport.

      There are additional charges if you need your passport urgently and need an expedited process.

      • 1-day premium service costs £207 for regular passports and £219.50 for a frequent traveller passport.
      • 1-week fast track service costs £166.50 for an adult passport and 135.50 for a child’s passport. A 54-page frequent traveller passport costs £178.50 for adults and £147.5 for children.

      Processing Time for Passport Renewal

      Passport renewal applications are usually processed within three weeks if you apply from inside the UK. However, it can take up to 10 weeks during peak travel season (such as a school holiday) when application volume is higher.

      You can apply for an expedited process if you need your passport sooner. You can pay for the 1-Day Premium or 1-Week Fast Track Service.

      If you’re travelling for emergency medical treatment, government business, or to be with a seriously ill loved one, call the Passport Advice line for assistance.

      The processing time for applications from outside the UK varies depending on the country from which you apply. The expedited process is not available for overseas applications. You should apply for an emergency travel document if you need an urgent passport abroad.

      Call us today to learn more about the process of British passport renewal. Contact Us

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        How Can Manchester Immigration Lawyers Help?

        If you need help or guidance with your British passport renewal or other immigration matters, Manchester Immigration Lawyers are experienced in handling diverse immigration cases and can provide you with legal advice that you can trust.

        We provide professional assistance with your first time British passport or renewal application. We can apply on your behalf, and cross-check the application form to ensure there is no omission that can result in a delay.

        And you don’t have to travel to our offices if it’s inconvenient. We provide remote services over the phone or online, whether you’re in the UK or overseas.

        Reach us today at 0161 826 9783, the online contact form, or click on the live chat button for immediate assistance.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  You can apply to renew your UK passport abroad at the British embassy or consulate closest to you. However, the process takes longer than applications made in the UK. You should apply for an emergency travel document if you need to travel urgently.

                  You must submit your old passport after completing a renewal application. The HM Passport Office will return it once your application is approved.

                  You can’t travel while waiting for a UK passport renewal, as you would submit your old passport along with the application. The HM Passport Office advises that you shouldn’t make travel arrangements until you get a new passport because they won’t have the same passport number.