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Business Visitor Visa

Business Visitor Visa

If you are looking to participate in business-related activities in the UK for a short period of time, the UK Business Visitor Visa may be the ideal route for you.

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What is a Business Visitor Visa?

A UK business visitor visa is ideal for those who wish to travel to the UK from a non-EEA country to perform specific business activities. It grants permission to travel to and enter the UK for a short period of time – typically for no longer than six months.

Since this is a short-term stay in the UK, the business visitor visa comes under the general Visitor Visa category. For those looking to embark on business-related activities for longer periods of time, there are other UK business visa routes.

With a business visitor visa, it is important to note that you will not be permitted to work during your time in the UK. For paid work, you must acquire a Tier 2 Work Visa or for foreign nationals who would like to launch and run a business in the UK, a Tier 1 Innovator Visa would be the appropriate visa route.

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What are the conditions of a Business Visitor Visa?

Since all Visitor Visas do not permit the applicant to work, it is important to consider whether this route covers and allows for the activities you wish to participate in.

There are very specific limits as to what type of business activities can be carried out under a Visitor Visa.

Activities which you are permitted to carry under this UK visa include:

  • Conducting talks and speeches – You are able to give speeches and talks so long as these are unpaid, are not organised as commercial events and do not generate profit for the organiser. These must only be promotional in nature
  • Attend appointments or business conferences – This includes the likes of meetings, seminars, interviews and undergoing training. Again, these must not be paid
  • Sign business deals/negotiate contracts – You are able to agree and discuss trade agreements whilst holding a Business Visitor Visa
  • Visit trade fairs for business reasons – While you are not permitted to sell or make any form of profit from attending trade fairs, you are able to visit these for business purposes
  • Overseeing international goods and services – If you intend on receiving international business payments for services and trade conducted overseas, you are able to travel to the UK to check international goods prior to this
  • Carry out research for business purposes – You are able to gather important information for the development or growth of your business while holding a Visitor Visa
  • Inspections and site visits – If you wish to assess and evaluate an overseas site, you are permitted to do so with the Visitor Visa
  • Engage with UK customers – You are able to discuss UK customer needs so long as you do not profit from this
  • Academic research – If you wish to pursue academic research or to join international students on a study abroad programme, you are able to do so with a Visitor Visa. You cannot, however, seek employment whilst in the UK
  • Sit an exam – You will be permitted to take an exam including the likes of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) or the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB). This is particularly helpful for foreign nationals who wish to work in the UK as a doctor or dentist; while the Business Visitor Visa does not permit paid work, you are able to acquire this visa to sit the required exams in preparation for moving to the UK to work

Can I work in the UK with a Business Visitor Visa?

No, as previously mentioned, this visa route is specifically intended for short visits to the UK and does not permit any paid work at all.

For those who would like to conduct profitable business while in the country, there are a range of Business Visas UK to consider.

UK immigration laws are extremely stringent when it comes to employment – the Visitor Visa route imposes many restrictions as it is only intended for those who wish to visit the UK on a short-term basis.

It is of the utmost importance that you provide detailed reasoning for your intentions when conducting business-related tasks in the UK via a Business Visitor Visa; the Home Office will need you to provide evidence that you are able to financially support yourself throughout the duration of your stay.

Under the Visitor Visa, you cannot live in the UK for over six months. However, if you are a non-EEA foreign national who regularly travels to the UK for business-related activities, you may be able to apply for a long-term visit visa instead.

You must not receive any public funds during your business visit to the UK. Your visa application must show that you are self-sufficient.

If you wish to apply for a visa, our immigration lawyers in Manchester are here to assist. We have extensive experience in preparing and submitting Visitor Visas and have an impressive track record of success when it comes to achieving a successful visa application.

We can provide you with all the information you need to ensure you achieve the most from your visit to the UK and will outline what you can and cannot do during your stay. This allows you to rest assured that you will not breach any UK immigration law during your stay.

If you have any questions about your Business Visitor Visa, our team is happy to assist. Contact Us

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What are the requirements for a Business Visitor Visa?

If you want to visit the UK for business purposes but only intend on a short-stay which involves no paid work, the UK Visit Visa is the ideal route for you.

However, as with all UK visas, you must meet the necessary requirements in order to qualify. Your visa application must demonstrate that you are eligible to acquire the Standard Visitor Visa in order to conduct business activities.

Our immigration solicitors in Manchester can provide you with exceptional immigration advice and guidance to help you to secure the UK Visit Visa.

To meet the criteria, you must:

  • Prove that you intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit (this can be demonstrated by highlighting links and obligations in your country of residence)
  • Proof of all business activities you intend to conduct during your stay
  • Evidence that you have the sufficient funds to support and house both yourself and any dependents during your stay – without relying on public funds
  • Evidence that you can afford travel both to and from the UK

Can I extend my Business Visitor Visa to stay in the UK?

Unfortunately, you may not extend any Standard Visitor Visa (including the Business Visitor Visa) in the UK. Short term Visit Visas cannot be renewed nor can you make consistent, successive visits under this route in order to attempt to stay for longer periods.

You are limited as to how long you can stay in the UK with a Visitor Visa, typically to a period of up to six months.

You might be able to apply for a long-term visit visa, however, which would allow you to remain in the UK for longer than six months.

With a long-term visit visa, you may be able to stay in the UK for periods of two years, five years or ten years. However, you must bear in mind that you will still be limited to maximum stays of six months each individual time you travel to the UK.

You must not remain in the UK for longer than six months even with this long-term visa.

If you would like to receive professional immigration advice on your options for visiting the UK for business purposes, please call us today on 0161 826 9783.

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