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British Citizenship Lawyers & ILR Solicitors

If you are planning to make the UK your permanent home, you might need to navigate the complicated application process to obtain British citizenship or indefinite leave to remain.

Seeking support from an experienced immigration specialist can make this less stressful and help your application be successful. If you would like professional legal advice or additional information about how Manchester Immigration Lawyers can help you, you can call us today at +44 (0)161 826 9783.

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    How Can Our Lawyers Help You with British Citizenship and Nationality?

    Whether you are ready to apply for naturalisation, have a claim to citizenship by birth, or need to take the first steps by applying for indefinite leave to remain, our team of immigration specialists understands how important this step is for you and your loved ones.

    As immigration lawyers, we have decades of experience with all facets of the UK immigration procedures and beyond and will be happy to offer support that caters to your specific needs and circumstances. When you contact us, you will be connected with a dedicated expert who will take the time to understand your situation and walk you through the best options that might be available to you, how to prepare for your application, and what steps to take once you are ready. Beyond this, we are also able to help you understand possible ways forward if you have had an application rejected in the past, whether it means submitting a revision request or exploring alternative avenues.

    Navigating a process that determines the future direction of your life can be stressful, but with support from one of our immigration lawyers, you will be able to work towards your application with confidence. We will make sure that you don’t miss any important information or supporting documents when applying, so that the process may be as smooth as possible.

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    British Citizenship and Settlement Advice Services We Offer


    There are many different options when it comes to navigating permanent immigration into the UK and as such, we are equipped to help you with any of them. Whether you already know which option is best for you or you are just starting to explore the different choices that are available, we are happy to support you throughout that journey.

    Our specialists can offer advice for all immigration queries, including indefinite leave to remain (ILR) applications or British naturalisation and citizenship. When you contact us, we will work with you to determine the requirements and eligibility for your chosen path, explain what details, documents, and evidence you will be asked to provide when applying, and help you understand everything there is to know before you take the next step.

    If you have already applied for British citizenship or indefinite leave to remain but have been unsuccessful, we will be happy to help you explore where to go from there.

    We can also advise you if you are hoping to obtain a settlement permission in the UK as a refugee or asylum seeker, or if you are interested in obtaining dual nationality.

    Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) Applications

    Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or settled status under the EU settlement scheme is often a first step when seeking permission to permanently live and work in the UK.

    Our immigration specialists will help you understand the eligibility criteria for the different pathways, such as the minimum residential requirement of five years, and explore whether this is the best option for you.

    If you are planning to stay in the UK permanently but are not yet eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain, we are additionally able to support and guide you through any preliminary visa applications you might need to fulfil your residential requirements.

    British Citizenship Application

    Depending on your background, you might have different paths towards naturalisation and obtaining a British passport. Our experts will help you determine whether you might qualify for British citizenship by birth or ancestry, and how to apply once you are eligible after obtaining your ILR.

    Becoming a British citizen can be an involved process and we will help make sure that you understand all the steps, such as the Life in the UK test, which you need to pass in order to qualify. Additionally, it is important that you are prepared to show evidence of past residential permissions and other documents that prove your eligibility.

    Requirements and Documentation Advice

    Regardless of the specific path you are applying under, a solid understanding of the specific application criteria and what documents will be required from you will always be at the centre of filing a successful application. Specific needs vary widely among different immigration pathways and your individual situation may add additional factors that change what is expected of you, but we will be happy to make sure that you have everything that is needed.

    Once you contact us, your dedicated specialist will conduct a comprehensive eligibility check and make sure that you understand the nuances of your individual application. We will make sure that you are ready to apply without any unexpected surprises.

    Settlement or Citizenship Refusals

    Sometimes applications for citizenship or permanent residence are rejected, which might happen for a variety of reasons. If this has happened to you, you might benefit from our advice on what you can do next. While there is no guaranteed right to appeal a rejection, we can guide you through the judicial review process and request for the decision to be reconsidered. There is no way to guarantee a positive outcome, but your odds will be higher if you approach this with the legal assistance of an immigration solicitor. We will also be able to help you explore any future or alternative options, should you wish to do so.

    Refugee and Asylum Settlement

    If you are a refugee or asylum seeker in need of immigration advice as you apply to settle in the UK, our experts will be able to assist you. We understand the importance of having security and will be glad to advise you on the different programmes that might be open to you. Depending on your needs and grounds for application, we will help you figure out the best path forward, walk you through the application process, and help you face any challenges along the way.

    Dual Nationality

    Dual nationality or dual citizenship is generally permitted for British citizens. You might be eligible due to birth, naturalisation, or family background, as long as your other country you are a citizen of also permits this. If you are unsure about your eligibility, are planning to apply, or have other questions about the benefits and implications of dual nationality, we are able to help you understand the conditions for becoming a dual citizen and how it might benefit you.

    Who Can Apply for British Citizenship?

    There are several different options for British citizenship applications but in general, you may be eligible either through birth or ancestry through the British Nationality Act (for example if you were born in the UK or have a qualifying relative who is a British national), or through residency (if you have lived in the UK for a minimum of 5 years and have obtained indefinite leave to remain).

    To qualify, you will need to meet several eligibility requirements that usually involve a minimum residential requirement, and lack of a criminal record.

    It can be difficult to figure out which options might be the best for you as there are many possible sub-categories of the aforementioned pathways. If you are hoping to acquire British citizenship or are unsure if you might be eligible, consulting with UK citizenship lawyers will help you get a better understanding of your circumstances and what options there might be.

    Solicitor Fees for British Citizenship and ILR

    Applying for British naturalisation or indefinite leave to remain can be a complex process that varies greatly on a case-by-case basis. Since processing times and the required preparation depend on the individual circumstances of your case, there is no fixed fee to consult with an immigration specialist.

    Instead, we offer a free first advice session with one of our experts where you can discuss your needs and receive a detailed breakdown of the expected processing times, application and consultation fees, and what support we can offer you.

    Overall, seeking expert advice can make the application process less stressful and prevent undue delays or rejection due to mistakes in your application or missing documents. This can save you work and re-application fees while getting you to your destination faster.

    Our expert immigration lawyers can assist with your ILR and British citizenship case. Contact us

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      Why Choose Our Solicitor for Your ILR Application?

      Our friendly team at Manchester Immigration Lawyers has decades of experience in navigating all things immigration in the UK and beyond. We are a leading immigration law firm and can offer you some of the best support in Manchester.

      Beyond that, you do not need to be local to contact us. We are able to offer our services through offices based around the UK and are available for remote advice sessions, should you not be able to meet us in person.

      You can call us today at +44 (0)161 826 9783 and discuss what would work best for you and how we can assist you on your journey towards a life in the UK.

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      Premium application service that ensures your visa application is submitted to meet your deadline.

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      Appeal Package

      Ensure you have the greatest chance of a successful appeal. We will represent you in any case.

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      The Advice Package

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        The Application Package

        With our Application Package, your dedicated immigration lawyer will advise you on your application process and eligibility. Your caseworker will then complete and submit your forms to the Home Office on your behalf.

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          The Fast Track Package

          Our Fast-Track Application Package is a premium service for those who need to submit their application in time with their deadlines. Your case will become a top priority for our lawyers and you will benefit from our highest-quality services.

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            The Appeal Package

            By choosing our Appeal Package, you can rely on our lawyers’ legal knowledge and experience to ensure you have the highest chance of a successful appeal. We will also fully represent you in any hearings/tribunals.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                While a lawyer is not required, it is highly recommended that you seek out specialist advice to ensure a smooth application process and raise your chances of success. We are able to help you understand each step of the application process and can check to make sure you have not missed anything important.

                Immigration laws are complex and the application process can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. It is easy to misinterpret requirements or overlook a particular piece of documentation that might decide the outcome of your application.

                By consulting a specialist, you can make sure that all of these things are checked before you submit your application, ensuring that the process will be as smooth as possible.

                When choosing who to contact for legal support, it is important that you find somebody who has experience with the specific area of your application and understands all associated immigration rules. Our specialists at Manchester Immigration Lawyers have long-standing expertise, meaning that we give advice you can trust.

                No, while you are able to meet with us in person in our Manchester office, we can also arrange for a remote consultation if you are not in the area. Additionally, we have offices across the UK if another location is better suited to your needs.