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Concierge Relocation Services - International Relocation

Are you planning to relocate to the UK? Our Concierge Sevices team offers international relocation and concierge services that can take care of every detail of your international move and beyond. You will have a dedicated concierge relocation consultant who will work closely with you to manage the process from start to finish, guided by your instructions. Life does not need to stop because you are relocating!

Speak to our Customer Care Team today on 0161 826 9783  to find out how we can help you with moving to the UK and settling into your new home.

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    Concierge Services - Assistance with the relocation process

    Moving home is commonly known to be one of the most challenging life events, and even more so if you are emigrating abroad.

    If you are moving to the UK, our concierge and international relocation services can take the stress out of your move. We can handle not just the actual international relocation of your belongings to the UK, but also a host of other related services, depending on your needs.

    From finding a suitable property for purchase in the UK, to arranging the international transportation of your belongings, vehicles, and pets, and then unpacking your belongings and even signing up for local healthcare service and utilities….we can handle every detail, so that you don’t have to.

    The services you agree with us will be tailored to the specific needs of you and your family. We strive hard to ensure your high expectations are met and understand the importance of making sure every stage goes smoothly and efficiently.

    We are excited to work closely with you on this important move and to help you get settled into your new home in the UK as seamlessly as possible.

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    Why choose us?

    Moving to the UK or any new country involves many time-consuming, demanding jobs and administrative tasks that can sometimes seem overwhelming. You may be going through an immigration process of applying for a visa or citizenship, and on top of that you may also need to handle securing a new property, possibly selling your existing home, arranging the move, and maybe even arranging for your beloved pets to move with you. And then there’s actually getting through the day of the move including flying internationally, and from there getting settled in a new country with all that that entails. It’s a tall order for anyone.

    Immigration and relocation concierge services under one roof

    Manchester Immigration Lawyers are not just immigration lawyers, we go one step further to provide support for the whole relocation process via our Concierge Services. Our background in immigration law serves our customers well when it comes to the process of moving to the UK from start to finish. We bring all the many immigration and relocation strings together, which allows for a more efficient and holistic approach to the end-to-end process of moving from one country to another.

    For you, this means better alignment of both the immigration and relocation aspects, meaning a more straightforward process all handled by one service provider. In the end, this results in less stress for you and a more effective, coordinated process, than if you were to manage all the details and tasks yourself.

    Pre-move consultation

    The process of working with us starts with a pre-move consultation in which you will be asked all the right questions so that we can gain a picture of your needs and identify the services that will be beneficial for you. You will have the opportunity to find out exactly what you can expect on the day of the move and from any concierge services that you require. We’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote for the services.

    Regular updates

    As we start working with you on your relocation to the UK, your dedicated concierge consultant will be in regular contact with you to provide you with detailed updates and support, which we know is vital for peace of mind.

    Customised to your needs

    Working with carefully handpicked expert partners, we provide a variety of services that cover the requests our customers have, all tailored to their specific requirements. Our aim is to provide a relocation concierge service for you and your family that can address all requests you may have in order to free up your time to focus on your other priorities. Contact us if there is something you need that is not listed on this page.

    Whether you are moving to the UK on a temporary or permanent basis, Manchester Immigration Lawyers can help. We can assist with your immigration and international relocation requirements regardless of where you are looking to reside in the UK, or which country you are moving from.

    You can reach us by phone on 0161 826 9783 or complete the quick inquiry form and we’ll be in touch very soon.

    moving to the UK

    Services we offer

    We know that no two clients’ needs are the same, so we provide a highly customized, bespoke service. To whatever extent you need help with moving to the UK, we’ll tailor the service for you.

    We pride ourselves on being fastidious when it comes to the detail involved in the process of international relocation for our clients.

    Relocation concierge services

    We provide a vast range of concierge services to support our clients’ move to the UK. Some of the services include:

    • Researching properties available to rent or buy 
    • Booking travel tickets and accommodation
    • Arranging transportation of furniture and belongings to the UK
    • Packing your belongings
    • Flight bookings
    • Vehicle transportation
    • Car rental
    • Pet emigration and transportation services
    • Cleaning your home
    • Furnishing your new home and making it move-in ready
    • Unpacking belongings
    • Wifi and broadband setup
    • Setting up your accounts for council tax, TV licence, and household utility bills

    If you are intending to get married in the UK, for example under the Fiancé visa, we can also plan your wedding to meet visa requirements and Home Office timescales. 

    More detailed services that we provide are listed on this page in the pre-move, moving day and post-move sections. Our Concierge Services team will endeavour to fulfil all of your moving requests, no matter how complex they may be.

    Luxury concierge services

    We also offer a luxury concierge service to assist with managing daily errands and a range of other routine and one-off requests. This is a personal service tailored to your needs and requests, that enables you to enjoy life to the full and free up your valuable but limited time.

    Just some of the tasks we can help with are booking restaurant reservations, arranging holiday bookings for your entire family, daily transportation services, personal shopping services, private parties and other event planning.

    This takes a burden off your shoulders and reduces your to-do list, allowing you the luxury to enjoy fully all that life has to offer.

    Visa and citizenship services

    We can handle all legal matters relating to obtaining work visas, family visas, employment authorization and British Citizenship. Our services include:

    • Advising on the most suitable visa route based on your circumstances and goals
    • Assessing your eligibility for your chosen immigration route
    • Assisting in the preparation of your supporting documents
    • Completing your application to the highest standard
    • Preparing a letter of representation to support your application
    • Liaising with the Home Office on your behalf
    • Providing you with progress updates
    • Supporting you in the event of a visa rejection and outline your available options
    • Ensuring that you are aware of the conditions of your visa/ immigration status and know the expiry date of your visa

    Contact us now and find out how we can help you with moving to the UK through our complete immigration and relocation services, and our luxury concierge servcies.

    How does the process work?

    Our international relocation process is straightforward and is based on a tried and tested approach to serving our clients. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish throughout the process. Here are basic steps depending on your requirements:

    • Consultation with one of our relocation concierge services consultants
    • We discuss your requirements and assess how much support you need in terms of the international relocation
    • We discuss if you need other concierge services such as helping you to find a new property, unpacking, and assisting with your settling into you new home
    • Timelines are agreed with you
    • Pre-move preparations are carried out
    • Our expert packers carefully pack your belongings including labelling and categorizing according to your criteria
    • We liaise closely with the movers at each stage of the process
    • The packers unpack all your items, taking great care to ensure all surfaces and items are handled carefully
    • We stage your home and stock it so that it is walk-in ready for when you and your family arrive
    • Other concierge services are carried out and information provided to you, as required


    We understand that your time is precious and you need it for other priorities. However, when preparing to relocate to a new country there are so many aspects to think about that your focus can be taken up almost entirely with your move.

    With our relocation concierge service, we can handle the tasks and work involved so you can free up your time. We’ll need you to make a few key decisions at the outset then your concierge consultant will get started on preparing for your move to the UK.

    Some of the pre-move services we offer include:

    • Your new home – research suitable homes for you to rent or buy, arrange viewings, liaise with estate agents, and if needed, accompany you on viewings to provide impartial advice
    • Sale of your current home – prepare it for sale or rental, manage the sales process and liaise with estate agents on your behalf
    • Declutter your old home
    • Book flights, transfers and car rentals
    • Arrange door-to-door shipping of furniture and belongings to the UK
    • Pack your belongings
    • Transport wine collections or fine art
    • Tranport any vehicles
    • Arrange car rental
    • Arrange pet transportation
    • Arrange postal mail to be redirected to your new home
    • Close tax and utilities accounts

    Other tasks can be carried out depending on your requirements, just ask us.

    Get in touch with our Relocation Concierge Services team to find out how we can take the stress out of moving to the UK. Contact us

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      Moving Day

      Moving day is often the most stressful stage of an international relocation, but our concierge services team is on hand to ensure that everything goes to plan.

      A large part of your belongings will most likely have been packed in advance of moving day, and overseas removals packing experts will take care of the remaining items on the day. They are trained in modern export wrapping, packing and handling techniques and will pack, load and secure your belongings with extreme care.

      Our transportation partners will be on standby to take care of moving your belongings to your new home, whether by shipping container or air freight, which will have been agreed and arranged in advance. For example, a bulk of your belongings may have been sent via shipping container prior to the day of your move.

      On arrival at your new residence, there will be a packing team who will carefully unpack and handle your belongings, arranging them in your new home to the extent required, and all packaging boxes and wrapping materials will be removed. We’ll make sure your possessions end up in the places you want them within your home. Our aim is to make your property into your home so you can enjoy your new home upon arrival.

      Our packing and transportation teams are equipped to handle all types of belongings, including large furnishings, luxury goods, fine wine, and fine art.

      We can also coordinate any vehicle transportation as well as pet transportation, ensuring that your beloved pets are provided a safe and humane trip to their UK destination.


      Moving to a new country is a daunting task for anyone, but with a concierge partner supporting you, the task is made much easier. Our relocation concierge services don’t stop once you arrive in the UK. We provide a variety of services that can facilitate you and your family settling into your new home and local area quickly and with minimal stress.

      We can assist with most requests you may have for the post-move period, however here are some of the ways we help:

      • Cleaning your home
      • Unpacking belongings per your instructions (what needs to go where)
      • Furnishing your new home and making it move-in ready
      • Home organization, custom closet design and storage solutions
      • Removing and installing fittings in your home, including televisions, audio-visual equipment, chandeliers
      • Removing and hanging artwork
      • Making your new home ready for your arrival, including Wifi and broadband setup
      • Setting up your accounts for council tax, TV license, and household utility bills
      • Providing you with detailed research on local amenities such as gyms, leisure classes, churches, community groups
      • Research of local area regarding educational facilities, healthcare providers, mobile (cell) networks, and pet services
      • Providing you with detailed research on local services such as gardeners, cleaners, dog walkers
      • Recommending private health insurance providers in the UK

      Our team will take care of everything so that you can focus on enjoying your new home.

      Discuss your requirements with us and we will provide you with a no-obligation quotation.

      Who are our clients?

      Our clients come from all over the world, and are often busy people with little time to spare to handle the myriad jobs and complex administrative tasks that require attention when moving abroad.

      The profiles of some of our clients include:

      • Busy professionals and executives (and their families)
      • Business owners
      • High net-worth individuals
      • Busy families with multiple priorities
      • Individuals in the public eye

      We welcome enquiries from all who may wish to benefit from a professional, courteous and efficient concierge service, and we’re available to speak with you by phone, in-person or online (video call such as Skype), so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      If required, our staff are happy to sign NDAs, to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your relocation.

      Get a quote

      Our concierge service pricing varies depending on the services you opt for. However, we are transparent in our pricing and after an initial consultation, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote with no hidden fees.

      So contact us today to arrange a consultation so that we can find out more about the services you are looking for and can provide you with your free quote.


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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Concierge services cover a vast number of services. Relocation concierge services go beyond simply the removal of belongings from one location to another. A concierge service helps with the finer details of what you need to get done.

                  Relocation services provided by a concierge service usually include packing, shipping, transportation, setting up your home, finding local amenities and schools, and managing many other details and administrative work as per the needs for their clients.

                  Hiring a relocation concierge service can save you valuable time and make the process of moving smooth and hassle-free.

                  Since concierge services vary greatly depending on clients’ needs, prices also vary. For example if a client is relocating to the UK, it will depend on which pre-move, moving-day and post-move services are required, and how much detailed administrative work and other tasks are involved.

                  At Manchester Immigration Lawyers we invite you to discuss your concierge needs with us and we’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

                  An international relocation concierge service saves you valuable time and removes stress, as they handle much of the many, demanding and detailed tasks involved in moving abroad. For time-poor busy people this service can be a vital part of making the relocation a success. Find out more about the concierge services we provide – Why choose us?