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Displaced Talent Mobility Pilot

The Displaced Talent Mobility Pilot is a scheme that seeks to safeguard refugees with skills desirable to a workforce and employ them in the UK, offering a safe route to stay afloat in a new country.

The pilot falls under the Skilled Worker Visa and is spearheaded by the charitable organization Talent Beyond Boundaries.

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    Guide to the Displaced Talent Mobility Scheme

    Over the span of 1-2 years, the new Talent Mobility Programme will enable 50-100 displaced people and their families living in Jordan or Lebanon enter the United Kingdom.

    It will facilitate forcibly displaced refugees who are skilled in particular fields to get a job in the United Kingdom for 5 years.

    The pilot helps people who escape violence find secure employment and safely settle in Britain with their families through a variety of methods in an international context.

    This plan looks to improve current resettlement routes by eliminating administrative and legal obstacles to the influx of skilled talents into the United Kingdom.

    Candidates will have access to a safety net in the event that they lose their job to ensure they are not returned to a country where they may face danger.

    Talent beyond boundaries (TBB)

    Talent Beyond Borders is an international organization to open pathways to immigration for highly qualified refugees.

    The Group has a reputation for delivering customised services that are suited to the needs of disadvantaged individuals in their local communities.

    It aims to connect the skilled worker talent pool with employers so as to maximize opportunities for both individuals and employers. Over 25,000 skilled workers have been recorded in the Talent Catalogue already.

    Humanist Denied Asylum

    What are the benefits of the displaced talent mobility pilot?

    There are few safe routes for refugees to settle in a new country after fleeing conflict in their own. The scheme seeks to alleviate the difficulty associated with resettling and offer safe, legal alternatives to families escaping war.

    The pilot scheme allows work in skilled occupations to be done by displaced persons in Britain in a manner similar to a work visa.

    A skilled workers route allows approved companies in the UK to sponsor aspiring British workers for skilled work in the UK, subject to certain criteria

    With permission from qualified worker routes, the visitor can take a working job at a suitable location and bring their partner and children with them as long as they are eligible and apply for permanent residency once living in the United Kingdom.

    The scheme also allows displaced persons to retain some normality to their lives in the form of regular work that is suited to their interest and profession. The scheme hopes to restore confidence, stability, and safety to families whose country has been devastated.

    How will the pilot work?

    Under the pilot via the Skilled Worker Route, employers will hire candidates who have submitted their information to the Talent Beyond Boundaries website.

    These applicants will receive priority processing, and case management support to overcome administrative barriers such as accessing passports or travel documents, employment references, and tax records.

    Through the pilot employers can sponsor TBB candidates using specialised workforce routes to recruit candidates.

    As an applicant, you can receive processing and support in case management to overcome administrative hurdles including the requirements for passports through TBB and through our Immigration lawyers.

    TBB candidates will receive 5 years of skilled employment as well as Indefinite leave to remain if certain conditions are fulfilled.

    Conditions of the scheme

    The scheme enables displaced foreign nationals to undertake skilled jobs in the UK. The applicant must comply with these requirements as well as skilled worker route requirements.

    Applicants must move to the United Kingdom within three days of being selected.

    Employers must register with the British Home Department to be able to sponsor displaced talent and apply to hire under these schemes.

    The program offers benefits to displaced talents and their immediate families as well as to displaced individuals. It can also be processed over a five-day period.

    To Qualify

    Much like the existing skilled worker rules, there are certain conditions that must be met.

    Similarly, the displaced talent pilot requires specific criteria for enrolment. For instance, you must have a confirmed job offer.

    The process so far is as follows:

    • Hold a valid UK job offer from a Home Office approved employer with a sponsor license
    • Go through a screening process
    • Provide information on your skills, education, and employment references.

    You must be:

    • A person who has been forced to flee their home due to conflict such as a refugee, a stateless person, or someone unable to return to their home country due to danger they may face there.
    • Skilled in one of the professions on the Shortage occupations list (prioritised) or any occupation eligible under the Skilled Workers route.
    • Be able to speak, read and write English

    Types of job with priority processing

    Applicants are able to apply for the pilot with any job experience not relevant to this particular list. However, jobs on the shortage occupation list will receive a fast track application package and receive a turnaround of 5 days.

    • Tradesperson
    • Healthcare
    • Care worker
    • Engineers
    • Scientists
    • IT
    • Teachers
    • Sales and Marketing

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    If you have any questions about your Displaced Talent Mobility Pilot, our team is happy to assist. Contact Us

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      How does the pilot differ from the UK's existing skilled worker route?

      The displaced talent mobility pilot offers a 5 year skilled worker visa in exchange for skilled refugees able to work after fleeing their country.

      There is a rigorous vetting procedure that must satisfy definite point-based requirements set out by immigration law and worker requirements.

      Similar skilled migration schemes, such as the Skilled Worker Visa offer routes into employment within the UK for EU and non EU citizens through long and at times uncertain processes.

      However, the displaced talent mobility scheme allows for an almost immediate emigration, as escaping conflict is a time sensitive and harrowing process.

      The scheme also allows candidates priority processing at no extra cost.

      As well as this, candidates will receive tailored support from case workers if they need assistance with any administrative issues.

      This includes securing a new passport, obtaining employment references, any tax records, qualifications they may need to continue their application or require for their new start in the UK.

      The pilot scheme requires certain criteria to be met, however successful candidates will bypass refugee status, and will not be required to enter the UK’s asylum system.

      The scheme was developed not purely to increase the eligibility criteria, but rather to streamline and facilitate displaced qualified workers’ visas.

      Can candidates relocate with their family?

      Yes. Candidates are able to relocate to the UK with their spouse, children, or partner following a successful job offer through the scheme.

      The family may choose to join the successful candidate after settling into the new job and securing housing, which is also accommodated for.

      Manchester Immigration lawyers can help with this process.


      EEA Family Permit

      How can a UK employer hire?

      Employers are able to choose from a database catalogue of over 25,000 registered skilled workers, and follow the same steps as employing any international hire.

      Employers must hold a sponsor licence to hire international skilled workers. Employers must follow the strict regulations set out by UK government when hiring foreign nationals.

      Employers will have the opportunity to view shortlisted applicants suitable for interviews. Employers are then able to continue with the shortlisted candidates in a normal recruitment process.

      There is no associated recruitment cost with employing through TBBs database.

      The general costs with employing a skilled refugee is the same as employing any international worker:

      • Visa application charges
      • Immigration fees
      • Flights and temporary accommodation upon arrival

      If you want to learn more about how to apply for an official sponsor license, please contact our experienced immigration professionals today.

      How long can you stay in the UK?

      Similar to the UK’s Skilled Worker Visa, the programme allows successful applicants to come to the UK for up to five years.

      Following this time, if the applicant is eligible, they may be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain (settled status).

      Individuals are able to live in the UK with their spouse and children, if they meet eligibility criteria.

      If the international skilled workers are not happy with their new job, they have the chance to change their job, providing that the new employer holds a sponsor licence.

      This ensures that individuals can work knowing that changing or losing their job will not result in a breach of their visa or being returned to their home countries where they may be at risk.

      How can we help you?

      When applying for visas, there is a copious amount of legal processes, rules, and procedures. This along with time limits, financial hurdles, and lack of knowledge can lead to preventative barriers in accessing the immigration status you need.

      Our professional immigration lawyers are devoted to providing excellent legal services to our clients throughout every aspect of their immigration journey.

      We provide comprehensive advice in the area of legal methods for gaining legal work experience in the United Kingdom.

      TBB has been enabling displaced foreign nationals to undertake skilled jobs, helping them with a safe and secure pathway to the UK and bypassing refugee status which can often create legal barriers and hinder progression in the UK.

      We offer advice for candidates and employers regarding the process of sourcing displaced talent through a normal recruitment process and the steps to apply for the displaced talent mobility pilot to help kickstart and normalise displaced talent mobility.

      All clients have the right to receive the best representation regardless of the situation and goals they have.

      The service we offer is based on analysing your circumstances and understanding your needs carefully, with step by step advice with a dedicated immigration lawyer.

      Call us today on 0161 464 8949 or contact us online.

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              Frequently Asked Questions

              Remote video interviews and meetings can be set up by TBB staff, who also have offices and staff in both Jordan and Lebanon.

              It is up to the discretion of the employer who they invite for interview, and can select several candidates for a normal recruitment process that usually entails a short interview, test of proficiency in English, skills test, details of work experience and so on.

              Yes. Alongside their immigration aid, TBB also partner with UK based healthcare to provide medical aid for displaced people and their families.

              Contact Manchester Immigration lawyers for more information on what aid is available for refugees.

              Employers will select the candidate that will be the best asset to their business, along with their skills, talents, work experience, and value to the UKs economy.

              Candidates must be living in either Jordan or Lebanon. The pilot is hoping to extend to other countries in the near future.