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Intra-Company Transfer

Intra-Company Transfer

If you require assistance with an Intra-Company Transfer Visa, look no further.

Our Manchester based immigration lawyers are equipped with both the experience and knowledge to provide legal advice and guidance throughout this process.

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What is an Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Visa?

If you are looking to transfer to a UK branch of the company that you are employed by, the ICT Visa may be ideal for you.

There are both short-term and long-term options for the ICT Visa, however you must be eligible. This visa requires that the UK branch of your company has attempted to recruit in the UK prior to hiring you from overseas.

Similarly, the UK employer (who will be your sponsor) must show that they are paying you the appropriate salary for the job role. There is a minimum income requirement in order to qualify for this visa category.

If you have been offered the opportunity to transfer from overseas to the UK branch of your company, you may wish to apply for the ICT Visa.

Our immigration lawyers in Manchester are OISC-accredited and have experience in all areas of immigration law. We provide exceptional legal advice and guidance and would be thrilled to assist with your Intra-Company Transfer.

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Am I eligible for an Intra-Company Transfer Visa?

To qualify for an Intra-Company Transfer visa, you must meet specific requirements.

.You must have been offered a role to work for a UK branch of the company that you are employed by. Your employer will be your sponsor and therefore must have a valid Sponsor Licence. You must have received a Certificate of Sponsorship which proves this.

Further requirements of the Intra Company Transfer Visa are as follows:

  • You must meet the minimum income requirement, proving that your salary meets a certain threshold
  • You must demonstrate that you are able to financially support yourself during your stay in the UK through having the required savings
  • You must show your travel history for the previous five years
  • You must prove that you have worked for your employer outside of the UK for at least 12 months

What are the two types of Intra Company Transfer Visa?

The ICT UK route that you decide to undertake depends on your eligibility and how long you wish to remain in the UK for. There are both long-term and short-term forms of the ICT Visa.

Long-Term ICT Visa

Those who are being transferred to the UK branch of their organisation will apply for the long-term intra-company transfer visa.

As mentioned above, you must have worked for your employer for a period of at least twelve months prior to applying for this visa. There is an exception if your salary is set to be above £73,900 annually – in this case, you do not need to meet the twelve month requirement.

Short-Term ICT Visa for Graduate Trainees

If you have recently graduated with at least three months of experience with your employer, you may be eligible to transfer to a graduate trainee programme in the UK in order to take up a specialist role.

Our immigration lawyers in Manchester can assess your eligibility for either the long-term or short-term graduate trainee ICT Visas.

If you have any questions about your ICT Visa, our team is happy to assist. Contact Us

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How do I apply for an ICT Visa?

Once you have established your eligibility to apply for the Intra Company Transfer Visa, you can begin working on your application.

You can prepare and submit your application yourself however it is highly advisable that you seek the legal advice of an immigration lawyer.

Our team of immigration experts in Manchester can take you through each step of the process and can complete and submit the Intra-Company Transfer Visa application form on your behalf.

You will need to compile a sufficient body of supporting documentation; this is crucial for every UK visa application.

Your supporting documentation will outline to the Home Office that you meet the necessary requirements.

You may need to provide different documents depending on the route you decide to take (either long-term or short-term) as well as your personal circumstances.

However, the following documents are required within every Intra Company Transfer Visa application:

  • Your Certificate of Sponsorship reference number
  • Your passport/valid travel document
  • Your bank or building society statement or letter which demonstrates that you have the required personal savings (if applicable)
  • Any previous passports which have expired
  • Your tuberculosis test results if you are from a listed country


What are the requirements for my UK sponsor?

For an Intra Company Transfer Visa, your UK sponsor will be your employer.

Your employer must hold a valid Intra Company Transfer Visa sponsor licence in order to qualify as your sponsor.

To prove this, you will be required to provide your Certificate of Sponsorship within your application form. The Certificate of Sponsorship provides details to the Home Office regarding the job you have been offered in the UK and the salary that you will earn etc.

There is a minimum income requirement for the Intra Company Transfer Visa. These are typically:

  • £23,000 for short-term graduate trainees
  • £41,500 for long-term employees

If you are working for under twelve months, you may find that the minimum salary requirement is different. This depends on your personal circumstances.

Personal Savings

You are similarly required to demonstrate that you have at least £945 in your bank account for 90 successive days prior to applying for the ICT Visa.

However, if your sponsor is an A-rated sponsor who is able to provide you with £945 to financially support yourself for one month in the UK, you may not need to prove that you have this amount in personal savings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In some exceptional circumstances, you may be able to switch from the Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa to a Tier 1 Innovator Visa, however you will not be able to transfer to a Skilled Worker Visa.

However, you may be eligible to apply for the Skilled Worker Visa if you wish to work for a new employer – however, typically, a 12 months cooling off period is required before you are able to apply.

If you are earning £120,000 or above when holding an Intra-Company Transfer Visa, or if you are set to earn £159,600 as a Skilled Worker Visa holder, this 12 months cooling off period will not be necessary.

For guidance, our immigration lawyers in Manchester are able to assist. We provide high quality, professional immigration advice.

Unfortunately, any time accrued in the UK with an Intra-Company Transfer Visa will not count towards an Indefinite Leave to Remain application.

That is unless your ICT Visa was issued before 6th of April 2010 – in that case, you are able to use your time spent on this Tier 2 Visa towards the UK residency period.

Once your application for an Intra-Company Transfer Visa has been accepted by the Home Office, you are able to bring your family to live with you in the UK as your dependents.

This includes your spouse or partner, any child under 18 or a child over 18 if they are currently in the UK as a dependent.

It is important to note that any of your dependents must have £630 available within their bank accounts – this money must have been in either your own or your dependent’s bank accounts for 3 months prior to applying.

If you would like to find out more about bringing a dependent to the UK under an ICT Visa, our immigration lawyers in Manchester can help.

Contact us today on 0161 826 9783.

Our OISC-accredited immigration specialists are well versed in preparing and submitting every type of UK visa application.

This includes the ICT Visa.

We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best chance of success. We know what makes a strong UK visa application and which common mistakes to avoid.

Similarly, we can ensure that you provide the required level of supporting documentation within your application – insufficient documentation is a common reason for visa rejections by the Home Office.

We will also provide a Letter of Representation with any visa application, outlining the highlights and key strengths of your particular case.

We can also provide expert guidance and will determine whether your UK sponsor is meeting the necessary requirements.