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Invitation Letter for UK Visa

In some cases, UK visa applications require the visa applicant to obtain an invitation letter as part of the application process. This page provides a guide on how to arrange such a letter. If you require further guidance or have any other immigration queries, you can contact Manchester Immigration Lawyers online or call us on 0161 826 9783.

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    What is a Visa Invitation Letter?

    As part of the immigration process in the United Kingdom, some individuals or holders of certain passports may be required to prove that they are travelling to the UK for genuine purposes, and that they intend to leave and can afford to do so by the time their visitor visa expires.

    A sponsor letter, also known as a sponsorship letter or letter of invitation, is a written document that outlines the reasons for which the visitor’s visa application is being submitted. The letter must be written by someone who is a friend, family member or partner of the applicant who is permanently based in the UK.

    The letter should include details about why the individual wishes to enter the UK, and may require an overview of their accommodation and financial arrangements during the period they intend to visit. Applicants may also be required to clarify certain aspects of their circumstances at home and what type of activities they plan to do during the visitor’s stay.

    A visa invitation letter may be a requirement for many visa applications to support the applicant’s case for visiting the United Kingdom.

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    Requirements for a Letter of Invitation for UK Visa

    A letter of invitation must be written by the partner, family member, or friend of the person submitting a visitor visa application. This person is considered the applicant’s ‘sponsor’.

    Serious legal implications could be incurred if any of the information or evidence provided by the sponsor is inaccurate, untruthful or fake.

    In order to be eligible as a sponsor, the individual must:

    • Be British citizen, legal resident or lawful permanent resident in the UK
    • Be registered at a permanent accommodation in the UK, either as the owner or tenant of a residential property
    • Have enough space for the visitor to be accommodated for the duration of their UK visit.

    Please note that the requirements may differ according to the personal circumstances of either the visitor or the sponsor. If you have particularly complicated circumstances, the immigration officer has the right to request further information or supporting documents to better understand your case.

    Who Should the Letter of Invitation be Addressed To?

    A letter of invitation is a letter included with supporting documents as part of a wider UK visitor visa application. Therefore, the recipient of the letter will be a British immigration official processing the visitor’s visa application.

    As the details of the entry clearance officer is not predetermined, the letter is best addressed in a formal tone as simply ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘To whom it may concern’.

    The sponsor must ensure that they write in a formal tone and write in clear and grammatically correct British English.

    Please note that ideally, the letter is not addressed to the visitor, requesting them to visit you. It is easiest to use the template included in this guide, addressed to an immigration official, as the point of the letter is to formally state the details of the visit and to confirm the sponsor’s involvement and support in the visitor’s trip.

    If the sponsor writes an informal letter addressed to the visitor and doesn’t clarify the full details required, the letter could be rejected as a supporting document for the application and as a result could cause the full visitor’s visa application to be rejected.

    If you require support with writing your letter of invitation, you can call Manchester Immigration lawyers today on 0161 826 9783 or contact us online.

    What Information Should You Include in the Letter of Invitation for a UK Visa?

    The letter should be clear in confirming the sponsor’s:

    • Full legal name
    • Full UK address
    • Up-to-date contact details
    • Job occupation or proof of income/funds
    • UK legal status
    • Relationship to the visitor

    The invitation letter for UK visa should be clear in confirming the visitor’s:

    • Full legal name
    • Home country/address
    • Travel itinerary
    • Start and end dates of their visit, which must match the dates they are applying to visit in their visitor visa application
    • Reasons for visiting the UK
    • Accommodation arrangements in the UK
    • Booking confirmations or any major anticipated expenses
    • Any important financial information, such as their ability to fund their own trip or their plans to share the funding of their trip with the sponsor

    What supporting documents should be attached to the Invitation Letter?

    As individual circumstances differ with regards to a visitor’s reason for travelling to the UK, including their personal situation at home, which country they are travelling from, and the circumstances of the UK citizen sponsor, the needs of each UK visa application will be relatively unique.

    However, in general, each sponsorship letter will require the following documents as valid evidence from the person writing:

    • A copy of the sponsor’s British passport or biometric residence permit proof
    • Utility bills, tenancy agreement proof, or mortgage statement as proof of address
    • Bank statements confirming the sponsor has sufficient funds to support the visitor for the entire duration of their stay
    • Work ID of sponsor to provide proof of income, if applicable

    Additional documents that will likely be required as part of the application include:

    • Flight tickets, travel or accommodation booking details of the visitor showcasing how and where they intend to travel to in the UK. Please note partial evidence may be sufficient if the trip is yet to be fully arranged, so long as the trip itinerary is clearly outlined in the letter of sponsorship
    • Original documents of the visitor and family members (if applicable), e.g. their passport
    • Proof of relation/relationship between the sponsor and visitor, such as evidence of long-standing friendship, marriage certificates, birth certificates, proof of lineage, etc.

    If you, a friend or a family member are struggling to obtain the proper supporting documents to include in your UK visa application alongside your invitation letter, you may require some legal advice or guidance. Manchester Immigration Lawyers can help. Contact us online or call us on 0161 826 9783.

    If you have any questions about UK Visa, our team is happy to assist. Get in touch

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      How to Write an Invitation Letter for a UK Visa?

      An invitation letter for UK visa need not be over complicated. The letter of invitation must be written in a formal, straightforward and informative tone that clearly and simply states the purposes of the applicant’s visit. It does not need to be written in an elaborate, overly fussy way – it just needs to have the relevant information clearly outlined.

      Please note that if your letter is vague or unclear, it could be rejected.

      Sample of Invitation Letter for UK Visa for Family / Parents

      Below is a sample letter template that the sponsor can use to structure the invitation letter written by the sponsor.

      Sponsor’s full name
      Sponsor’s full address
      Sponsor’s telephone number
      Sponsor’s email address

      Title: Letter of invitation for the application for a visitor visa for name of the applicant

      Dear sir/madam,

      I write this letter as a letter of invitation/sponsor letter for name and date of birth of visitor, who will be visiting me in the UK from name of home country of visitor. I am writing this letter as their state relation to visitor (friend, relative etc.)

      I am a UK citizen/legal resident of the UK and have been a British citizen/lawful permanent resident since date/year you became a citizen or resident. I am employed full time/part time as a sponsor’s profession at company, or explain your income circumstances e.g. retired, self-employed, unemployed.

      I can confirm that during name of visitor‘s time in the United Kingdom, they will be staying with me/name and date of birth of host at address of registered place visitor will stay. I can confirm the exact dates of their visit are start date to end dates.

      The reason(s) for name of visitor‘s stay are describe the purpose of the visit, e.g. visiting family.

      I confirm that I have the financial means to financially support visitor’s name during their stay and fully intend to support them in the United Kingdom. I have included financial statements with this application as evidence. I intend to contribute towards/cover their food, accommodation, travel plans, and leisure expenses. I also confirm they will be accommodated comfortably at my home/other address during their visit.

      I have included the following documents as proof of my intention to support name of visitor during their time here in the UK:

      List supporting documents.

      Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information from me.

      Kind regards,

      Author’s signature

      Author’s name

      How Can Manchester Immigration Lawyers Help?

      Travelling to the UK is an exciting prospect for most applicants who wish to visit, work or reside in the United Kingdom.

      However, visa application processes can be difficult, especially if your personal circumstances are complicated or you have had your visa refused before. We understand how critical it is that the process goes smoothly for you, and that your Invitation Letter as well as the rest of your application is accurate and has the best chances of being approved.

      If your circumstances are exceptional, we strongly advise that you request the help of a legal professional to help you with your immigration challenges.

      That’s why Manchester Immigration Lawyers are here. Our expert immigration lawyers can support and guide you through your letter of invitation process and with any other immigration matters you require assistance with.

      Contact us online today or call us on 0161 826 9783.

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      The visitor and/or sponsor must be able to prove that between them, they have sufficient funds to support the visitor and any dependents for the entire duration of their trip to the UK.

      It is therefore essential to ensure the purpose and details of the visit are clearly stated so that the immigration officer can easily conclude that the estimated total cost of the visit are consistent with the available funds of the sponsor/visitor, which will need to be included as supporting documents as evidence in the application in the form of bank statements or other financial documentation.

      No, the visitor does not have to stay in the actual home of the sponsor in order to be approved for a visitor visa, but the address or addresses that the visitor expects or intends to stay at must be clearly outlined in the letter of invitation.

      If the visitor has a busy itinerary travelling around the country during their trip, the sponsor can provide their main address and all the relevant documentation to prove the sponsor’s ownership/rental agreement of the property. Then, within the details of the letter, the sponsor can outline the more intricate details of the trip, for example if the visitor is visiting several family members or friends who live in different parts of the UK, or if the travel itinerary includes staying in hotels.

      The purpose of the sponsorship letter is to prove the validity of the trip and to ensure no suspicious or illegal activity is intended by the visitor during their trip.

      There are many different types of UK visas that require a sponsor or sponsorship letter to be included in the application.

      Generally, a sponsorship letter of any kind will follow roughly the same format as the sample letter outlined in this guide, but will require the sponsor to provide evidence in accordance with the visa requirements and purpose, and so the supporting documents and detail included in the letter may differ significantly.